Social Security Disability

Gennel’s Social Security Disability Practice

Don’t let the SSA tell you “no”! Over half of the Social Security denials end up getting paid. Having an attorney who specializes in Social Security disability law increases your chances of receiving the benefits you deserve and decreases the long wait you will experience during this process. This is why you need to call Attorney Gennel Laluna-Schaeffer.

She covers all of Southwestern Michigan and Northern Indiana, and she has successfully represented clients at the appeals council and in federal court.

Nationally, about 65 percent of all initial applications are denied, and the U.S. Social Security Administration will find every excuse to deny you benefits. Some of their favorite denials include the following:

  • "Your impairment is not severe."
  • "You can perform your past job."
  • "You can perform other jobs."
  • "Your impairment is not expected to last for more than a year."

Don’t let their excuses make you give up what is rightfully yours. You are entitled to these benefits.

Attorney Gennel Laluna-Schaeffer is an experienced, knowledgeable and aggressive attorney who hates to lose. She understands the unique challenges you face and will treat you and your family with dignity, compassion and professionalism. She will meet with you personally, return all phone calls promptly and perform all the work herself to prepare your case for a win, and she attends all hearings. In the end, she will advocate vigorously on your behalf. Attorney Gennel works on a contingency basis, which means that fees are paid only when you win.

Initial consultations are free. There is no time to waste; call us today. The sooner Attorney Gennel Laluna-Schaeffer gets involved in your case, the sooner she can start developing a strategy for your success!